First of all I’m a father and a husband, but I’m also a founder, investor, mentor, developer and many more things that I can’t really describe right now. I focus on technology and everything around it and I have 20 years of experience in Software Development in the Mobile and Enterprise landscape.



Telecommunication Engeneering
ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

Computer Science
ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa



Control Space BV / JANUARY 2014 – CURRENT
A company focused on delivering Mobile and Enterprise solutions

Muxima Bio BV / OCTOBER 2012 – CURRENT
Muxima Bio is a biotechnology company focused on researching new sources of proteins.

Co-Founder / OCTOBER 2004 – DECEMBER 2013
eBuddy BV
eBuddy is a privately held Dutch software company that offers instant messaging services with more than 300 million unique accounts and more than 350 million mobile application downloads In 2013 ebuddy was ‘acqui-hired’ by Booking.com

Software Engineer / OCTOBER 2002 – SEPTEMBER 2004
Developing in-house CRM applications based in Java and J2EE technologies

Software Engineer / FEBRUARY 2001 – OCTOBER 2002
Dialogic board programming. Java systems developer.

Application Developer / OCTOBER 2000 – FEBRUARY 2001
Team Leader @ ASP development of websites for web hosting clients.

Web Developer / FEBRUARY 2000 – SEPTEMBER 2000
Development of news and financial websites using ASP and Visual Basic. Development of News/Stocks tickers Applets in Java

Software Developer / FEBRUARY 1998 – FEBRUARY 2000
C/C++ Development programming Dialogic boards to implements custom PBX to small/medium companies


2007 – Dutch Web 2.0 Awards – Best Dutch Service

2009 – Techcrunch Crunchie Awards – Best International Startup

2009 – Innovative Entrepreneurship of Portuguese Diaspora, awarded by the then Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva.

2010 – Mashable Awards – Best Mobile User Experience

2012 – Expat Employer of the Year



High-level network layer system and method
United States 8,356,070 / JANUARY 2013
A technique for providing high-level network layer functionality to an IM environment involves providing a high-level platform through which IM clients can connect to IM networks. (more)

Event notification system and method
United States US008402179B1 / JUNE 2011
A technique for user notification involves modifying a title associated with a process to include information about an event that calls for user notification. (more)

Contact list display system and method
United States 8510395 / MAY 2010
A technique for contact list aggregation across networks involves logging into low-level networks through a high-level network. (more)