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Call forwarding imbroglio

Yelo Phone’s main feature is based on call forwarding but little did I know how difficult it is to have operators support call forwarding properly.

On Yelo Phone, when you configure call forwarding you’re telling your operator to forward your missed calls to a Yelo Phone number.

So Number A calls Number B and the call is then diverted to Yelo. Operators that fully support SIP Diversion header provide full information about the call and Yelo has enough data to know who is calling (Number A) and who is redirecting the call (Number B). The problem is that some operators don’t support SIP Diversion header and this means that Yelo can only access who is calling (Number A) but not who is redirecting the call (Number B) making it impossible to link the call to the Yelo Phone user.

Unfortunately, many operators don’t send this information and according to Twilio — our telecommunications provider — there is very little we can do. It’s hard to understand why operators don’t provide this information, it might be because of technical issues or politics.

Whatever reason they have, as far as we know, operators in countries like UK, Romania, Hong-Kong, Latvia, Brazil, Greece, New Zealand, Germany, Bahrain, France, Poland, Belgium the call forwarding functionality is not working properly. Maybe that list will shrink as we get more feedback from our users but as much as I’d like it to work in these countries there’s not much we can do about it at this point, unfortunately.

On the other hand, call forwarding works in most operators of the US, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Israel, South Africa, Australia. Hopefully, this list will grow as we get more feedback from users.

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