Startup Time Machine // The Idea – Part I

The time was somewhere in 2002. I was a Java developer and at my current job I was building internal CRM applications. I was really bored to death but at least I had a job, after the dot-com bubble burst you couldn’t afford to be picky, the previous two companies I worked for went bankrupt so I was happy to at least have a job to pay my bills.
In these days, each month new J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) devices popped up in stores. One the first devices that ever hit the consumer market with J2ME support were PalmOS devices.
Back then PalmOS was the Rolls-Royce of PDAs and I really wanted to have one. As a Java programmer, having the opportunity to build software for mobile devices was like a dream come true. Money was not abundant so I saved some and bought a PalmOne m125, the version with the black and white screen. I remember that the version with the color screen was much more expensive, but who cares, now I could write applications for mobile devices and that’s what matters.

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